Kitchener Co-ed Volleyball Leagu

Kitchener Co-ed Volleyball League
Frequently Asked Questions (that we are willing to answer)
What is this league all about?
Our league has 36 teams, divided into 4 divisions of 9, that are all based in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area.  We play at various schools, all in the Waterloo Region District School Board.  Play begins in late September and the regular season runs until early April.  There are 2 playoff weeks in April.  This is a recreational, self-refereed league, with many skill levels and competition levels.

What are the fees?

The League fees for the 2019-20 season are $650.00 per team, payable to the Kitchener Co-ed Volleyball League the first two weeks of the season.

Does playing volleyball mean you're cool?

What's the difference between the 4 Divisions?
C Division is for more competitive teams where the players have usually played either university or high school volleyball. D Divisions are competitive recreational divisions where the players have played some form of organized volleyball and understand the fundamentals of the game. And, E Division is a more recreational division, including some skilled/experienced players as well as newcomers to the sport and the more socially minded. (The beer afterwards is as important as the preceding game.)

Why C, D and E Divisions and not A, B and C Divisions?
The titles of C, D and E Divisions should more accurately reflect the provincial ranking of the the majority of the players in that Division.

How can I become Convener of the Kitchener Co-ed Volleyball League?
Show up to a meeting and don't pay attention to what is being voted on.

How can I register a new team?
Returning teams have the first opportunity to register each season. The majority of our teams return each year. However, some seasons, we have some space, and can add one, two or a few new teams. Please contact the League Convener in June or July, and you will be contacted if we are in need of new teams.

I don't have a team but I want to play, what can I do?
Send an email to the League Convener stating your gender, division preference and a brief description of your skills. When teams indicate that they are in need of new player(s), they are provided with a list of those who have indicated interest. If your profile matches the team's needs, they will contact you.